Refining capacity 156,000 BPD

Pakistan's only vertically integrated Oil & Gas company

Leading the charge

The nation's only deep-sea floating port

473+ locations and counting

Our rapidly expanding retail network

Who We Are?

Cnergyico is Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated oil refining company that fulfills the nation’s energy requirements and enables the country’s progress …

What we do?

We are using state-of-the art equipment advanced technology and an innovative approach to produce energy products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way……



The Single Point Mooring (SPM) facility, being set up for the first time in Pakistan, will revolutionize the handling of petroleum and oil products in the country.


Our Skills

Cnergyico’s Oil Refining Business (ORB) is keenly invested in setting up oil refineries in order to meet the energy demand in Pakistan. In line with the objective, the business under Cnergyico set up an oil refinery – ORC-I in 2004 – which is located 50 kms. from Karachi towards Hub on the Balochistan coastal area of Khalifa Point.

Million Metric Tons

Crude Oil Processed

Million Dollars

Forex Saving (Yearly)

Million Nation Wide

Families Served


HSD 270.22 Rs/Liter
PMG 268.36 Rs/Liter
Effective since Jun 01, 2024

HSD 184.02  Rs/Liter PMG 189.71 Rs/Liter
Effective since June 01, 2024
LPG 130,000.00  Rs/M.Tons FO 149,000.00  Rs/M.Tons
Effective since May 29, 2024 Effective since May 16, 2024



Cnergyico aims to combine strong growth with the optimal balance of economic, environmental and social components of the Company’s business, to continue to create an environment conducive to business and to developing the innovative potential of employees.

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