About Cnergyico

Cnergyico is one of the Pakistan’s leading petroleum company engaged in the businesses of oil refining, petroleum marketing, and petroleum logistics, headquartered in Karachi.

Cnergyico Pk Limited is Pakistan’s largest refinery by capacity, having the nation’s highest refining capacity of 156,000 barrels per day. Cnergyico produces a wide range of refined petroleum products, including LPG, Motor Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, High-speed Diesel, and Furnace Oil. The company’s vision is to achieve sustainable productivity and deliver shareholder return while upholding high environmental, health, and safety standards.

We take pride in having the largest capacity crude oil storage tanks in the country. Our petroleum distribution network facilitates the movement of petroleum products around the country, providing greater economies of scale. Today Cnergyico has more than 473 retail outlets nationwide and is growing by 35-40 outlets annually.

Cnergyico is Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated oil refining company that fulfills the nation’s energy requirements and propels the country’s progress.
We are using state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology, and an innovative approach to produce energy products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
We own and operate high-quality energy assets that hold strategic importance in the country’s energy landscape, including Pakistan’s largest oil refinery in terms of nameplate capacity (i.e. 156,000 barrels of oil per day), a vast and rapidly growing network of retail outlets,
Pakistan’s first and only Single Point Mooring facility, and the largest crude oil storage tanks in Pakistan.

Through our transformation plan, we are enhancing and expanding our core oil refining and marketing assets, solidifying our petrochemical capabilities, and looking for diversification opportunities. We seek to play a bigger role in meeting Pakistan’s future energy needs in a sustainable manner.

Our diverse and highly skilled workforce consists of approximately 800 dedicated employees shared among our  companies.

Bosicor as Public Limited Company

Bosicor is incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company on 9 January 1995

First Oil Refinery

Construction commences on our first oil refining complex, ORC-1

Byco Listed KSE

Bosicor is listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange Limited on 14 February 2002

Bosicor Commercial Production

Bosicor starts its commercial production on 1 July 2004, refining crude oil into various saleable components

ORC-1 Operational

BPPL’s first refinery, ORC-1, is made operational with an initial capacity of 5,000 barrels per day (bpd)

First Retail Outlet

BPPL launches of its first retail outlet in July 2007 near Sukkur

Second Refinery Commencement

BPPL commences the construction of its second refinery, ORC-2, with a capacity of 120,000 bpd

Storage Tanks

BPPL builds the largest capacity storage tanks in Pakistan at the Mouza Kund facility with a storage capacity of 44,000 metric tons

ORC-1 Enhancement

ORC-I’s refining capacity is enhanced to 35,000 bpd

Largest Refinery

Byco announces the completion of Pakistan’s largest oil refinery, ORC-2, with a refining capacity of 120, 000 bpd

ORC-2 inauguration

ORC-2 is inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 12 June 2015

ORC-2 re-commissioned

ORC-2 is re-commissioned adding additional refining capacity of 120,000 bpd, bringing Byco’s total capacity to 155,000 bpd, making BPPL Pakistan’s largest oil refining firm

SPM Achievement

Byco’s Single Point Mooring completes the import of 5 million metric tons of oil since its commissioning in 2012

Byco Issue Sukuk

Byco issues it’s first-ever AAA rated private sector Sukuk on 17 February 2017

Byco Commissioned

Byco Commissioned Catalytic Reformer at ORC-2.


UNDP partners with Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited to conserve water

Despite Unprecedented Challenges

Byco Petroleum reports 48% increase in annual gross profit to Rs. 2.9 billion, despite unprecedented challenges


Groundbreaking of Byco’s Upgrade-1 Project

Byco Renamed

Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited is renamed Cnergyico Pk Limited (CPL)

28 Years of Excellence, Success, and Progress.

Since inception, we have been touching lives and breaking boundaries in Pakistan’s energy landscape. Join us in celebrating 28 Years of Excellence, Success, and Progress.

Pakistan's first and only floating liquid port

Innovation is a core part of Cnergyico’s DNA, and our SPM facility – the first of its kind in Pakistan – is a testament to our commitment.