What we do

What We Do

Using our strengths to produce energy products to safeguard Pakistan’s energy security. Our premium asset base, experienced management, dedicated employees, loyal customers, and valuable strategic partners give us a competitive advantage. We are leveraging our strengths to bolster our leadership position in the industry and drive the progress of Pakistan’s energy sector into the future.

SPM (Single Point Mooring)

We operate Pakistan’s first and only Single Point Mooring – a dedicated offshore terminal for importing crude oil and petroleum products.

Oil Refining

We own Pakistan’s largest oil refining complex, which can process up to 156,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The facility is capable of producing variety of high-value products like Petrol (Motor Gasoline), High-Speed Diesel, Naphtha, LPG, HOBC, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, and Furnace Oil.

Storage & Other Energy Assets

We operate Pakistan’s largest crude oil storage tanks at the refining complex. Three terminals are placed strategically in Machike, Mehmood Kot, and Keamari, as well as numerous other energy infrastructure assets, to fulfil nation’s energy demand.

Oil Marketing

We own one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing retail network of over 473 fuel outlets, strategically located all across the country – all major towns, cities, and highways.


We produce and market high-performance engine oils for gasoline, diesel, and motorcycle engines whose advanced formulation helps improve engine performance and capture the best fuel economy.


To tap into the booming demand for petrochemicals in Pakistan and abroad, we are envisaging our petrochemical production capabilities.

Cnergyico | Fostering Life Below Water

Cnergyico’s sustainability efforts to nurture the environment are not confined to the land. The subsea structure of the SPM has given rise to an artificial coral reef

Barracuda XI 2022

Cnergyico has participated and demonstrated its capabilities in Barracuda XI 2022 – the national level oil spill response (OSR) exercise.