Oil Marketing Business

Oil Marketing Business of Cnergyico has emerged as a leading player in oil marketing sector and ranked 6th among the industry players. Cnergyico started its petroleum marketing activities in 2007 when the first retail outlet was opened and since then the business has grown manifold.

The business started with main focus on retail segment and then through aggressive marketing strategies, has expanded the portfolio by targeting to become a dominant player in the retail, industrial, consumer and international segments. Cnergyico serves these segments with quality products including CNG, LPG, Gasoline, Jet fuel, Diesel, Furnace oil, Bunker fuels and Lubricants.

Month POL Products uplifted from local refineries (m.tons)
Jul-23 8,801 3,999 23,1414
Aug-23 4,360 4,925 20,024
Sept-23 3,972 3,347 13,279
Oct-23 6,584 8,721 20,123
Nov-23 11,617 11,989 20,457
Dec-23 11,143 13,125 22,790
Jan-24 6,465 7,713 34,674


Month POL Products imported (m.tons)
Aug-23 2,035
Oct-23 509
Dec-23 2,164
Jan-24 4,095


Retail Sales

Cnergyico commenced the sale of petroleum products with the establishment of its first retail outlet in July 2007 and since then our network has grown to reach over 400 sites in short time. We aspire to grow our retail network further to reach our customers and consolidate our market presence across the country from Karachi to Kashmir.

With a cumulative market share of 2.5%  in liquid fuels, Cnergyico Petroleum Marketing has grown almost 25% in terms of market share as compared to same period last year.

Consumer/Industrial Sales

Cnergyico serves the consumer and industrial segments with quality products like Light Diesel Oil (LDO), High Speed Diesel (HSD) and Furnace Oil (FO) . We have a dedicated team of professionals that covers all the regional requirement of our customers and provide quality service.

Cnergyico has maintained a leadership position in the Pakistani bunkering segment via maintaining over 50 % of the market share in the past one year. We are also supplying fuel to major Independent Power Projects, KESC, Armed Forces and government organizations.

International Sales

Petroleum Marketing has a unique presence in the international market by supplying specialized diesel (Ultra Winterized Diesel) and bunkering fuels (RMG 380) in growing foreign markets.

Supply Chain

With increasing competition in the market today, availability of product is a major challenge for all oil marketing companies. Cnergyico has a distinctive advantage through its refining business to meet the product requirement in the south of the Country.

Supply chain mechanism has been strengthened with availability of storage terminals across the country. Moreover with entry into the White Oil Pipeline the company is supplying refinery’s product across the country more efficiently.

Cnergyico | Fostering Life Below Water

Cnergyico’s sustainability efforts to nurture the environment are not confined to the land. The subsea structure of the SPM has given rise to an artificial coral reef

Barracuda XI 2022

Cnergyico has participated and demonstrated its capabilities in Barracuda XI 2022 – the national level oil spill response (OSR) exercise.