Career at Cnergyico

At Cnergyico, people, their skills and ideas are fundamental to the company’s ability to prosper and grow. Attracting the right people, maximizing their contribution to the business and rewarding their performance are all vital to the company’s success.

Cnergyico is committed in investing in human capital, offer competitive employment terms and provide safe and congenial working environment where people enjoy what they do and are motivated to achieve, while supporting the diverse needs of the individual. Cnergyico provides a structured framework for managing a culture of sustainable performance and accountability. The remuneration strategy incorporates a mix of fixed and variable remuneration that is flexible and market-competitive.

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Why choose Cnergyico?

Grow your skills

Working at the cutting edge of technology, trends, and practices is an opportunity for you. Encourage yourself to develop the skills you need to move ahead and remain ahead by learning from experiences and expanding your abilities.

Collaborate with experienced colleagues

Collaborate with leaders and professionals who each bring a specialization to the table. We encourage individuals to adopt a different perspective and benefit from Cnergyico’s diverse range of experiences, viewpoints, and expertise.

Achieve your balance in a values-led culture

We strive to uphold our fundamental values of assiduity, commitment, and competitiveness so that you can work in a setting that values your unique journey and inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

Develop the energy solutions of tomorrow and today

Play a role in developing new technologies and processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact in the oil and gas industry.

Featured Careers

We provide you the freedom and assistance to advance your career, together with the resources you need to find the ideal work-life balance.

Cnergyico's Graduate Program

Regardless of the area of our company you join, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned colleagues and offer your own viewpoint and novel solutions to problems facing the oil and gas sector.

Opportunities for Professionals

At Cnergyico, we offer a wide range of exciting career opportunities that can help you achieve your professional goals and make a meaningful impact. Join our passionate and innovative team, and be part of an organization that values your growth and development.

Cnergyico's Vice Chairman at Dunya News

Cnergyico’s Vice Chairman Usama Qureshi appeared on the Kamran Khan Show at Dunya News to discuss the oil industry’s landscape and challenges.

Cnergyico celebrates 75 years of Pakistan

The years haven’t been easy, but together, we have weathered all kinds of storms, which only made us stronger and more united.