Ecological Sustainability

Cnergyico aims to combine strong growth with an optimal balance of economic, environmental, and social components of the Company’s business and create an environment conducive to business, and develop the innovative potential of employees. This approach helps mitigate against environmental and social risks and creates margins for steady growth and high competitiveness in the future.

The strategic priorities for sustainable development are determined by Cnergyico’s mission and strategic vision.

Cnergyico’s strategic priorities for sustainable development are:

  • Increase the efficiency of our core operations
  • Develop human resources that are able to meet the specific challenges of this sector
  • Improve occupational safety
  • Support local communities in the operating regions
  • Minimize the environmental footprint
  • Improve energy efficiency and energy saving

Environment Health & Safety

We will develop our Company on ethical and professional basis and be a responsible corporate entity with respect to Environment, Health and Safety.

Management Belief

Management Leadership, Participation and Accountability: Our leaders from the top management to the frontline supervisors are responsible and accountable for the Environment, Health, Safety, compliance with their concomitant policies, and managing risks of their areas. Their active participation includes collaborating across the organizational line to integrate risk management.

Management Role

Workers Protection and Wellbeing: To enable all employees to accept individual responsibility for EHS, implement best practices, and work in partnership to create an ethos of continuous improvement by providing appropriate training & information.

Contractor Safety:To work with, and demand compliance from contractors to adhere to EHS Policies and Procedures, thereby ensuring high standards for the protection of the environment, workers, and assets.

Employee Responsibilities

Environmental Protection:All Cnergyico employees are trained to adopt best practices ensuring the protection of the environment. The employees are encouraged to develop opportunities for recycling, pollution prevention, and efficient use of recyclable materials.

Emergency Vigilance:Employees are trained to proactively anticipate emergencies and respond appropriately to eliminate harm to the environment, people, and property.

Continual Improvement: Constantly striving to improve EHS performance and management processes by taking necessary measures, including the following:

  • Benchmarking industry best practices to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Conducting reviews and auditing the EHS management systems and operations to monitor progress and compliance.
  • Incorporating next-gen technology and advanced management systems.
  • Learning from events, accidents, close calls, and identified substandard conditions

With expanding energy operations, our investments play an increasingly important role for the Country. Cnergyico actively engages in dialogue and partnership with a broad range of industry organizations, government ministries and agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Through participation, engagement, and financial support, Cnergyico consistently strives to live its values within the business and the community.

Cnergyico supported the reconstruction of roads and has partnered with the Highways Department, Government of Balochistan during 2004 and 2010.

We expect to forge similar partnerships in the future which can strive to support the communities where we operate.


Cnergyico practices transparency in all business dealings, accessibility of records, and fiscal responsibility. The company recognizes that transparency and accountability can provide the foundation for good governance and sustainable business. Within its sphere of influence, Cnergyico strives for financial transparency.

Performance Reporting

Cnergyico is committed to communicating openly regarding performance against various corporate responsibility goals. We plan to initiate an annual performance reporting in the future for information of all stakeholders.