Supporting Local Communities

Our corporate aim is to manage our business to promote sustainable social, environmental, and economic benefits to all stakeholders wherever we operate. We are committed to a long-term sustainable approach to improve the quality of life in the communities where we work.

Through our activities, we have created significant opportunities that generate a positive impact on society. Some of the key interest areas are economic empowerment through jobs, social services, funding youth sports, and materially and financially supporting the underserved communities near our refinery.

Some of the specific contributions are:

  • Regular maintenance of roads in Hub, Balochistan, facilitating the neighboring communities.
  • Rehabilitating people suffering from natural calamities through monetary support and otherwise.
  • Jobs and business opportunities for the villagers residing near the refinery, providing them a path out of economic hardship.
  • Camps for women & children to educate and address their hygiene and health issues.
  • Provision of free ambulance service to villagers and providing medical assistance in case of emergencies.
  • Investing in infrastructures that will significantly improve the living conditions of the villages in Mouza Kund. Mainly focused on combating water scarcity in the region through solar-powered tube wells.
  • Investing in the restoration of schools and mosques within impoverished communities.