Single Point Mooring

The Single Point Mooring (SPM) facility being set up for the first time in Pakistan will revolutionize the handling of petroleum and oil products in the Country. The facility is being setup to allow the handling of imported crude oil and other petroleum products through the SPM – an open sea anchorage with sub-sea and sub soil pipelines connecting it to the on-shore facilities.

This facility is being set up in the deep sea, at a distance of approximately of 15 km from the Cnergyico site located at Mouza Kund, Balochistan, Pakistan. The floating jetty will be connected to crude oil tank farm of approximately 130,000 metric tons, via 3.3 km on-shore pipelines and 11.5 km off-shore 28″ pipelines.

The SPM can currently handle vessels of 100,000 deadweight tonnage (“DWT”), and has the expansion capacity to add two more pipelines which shall enhance facility’s throughput. It also has the Phase 2 capacity to handle Very Large Crude Carriers (“VLCC”s) of up to 250,000 DWT.


Key advantages of the facility are:

  • Handling large vessels will result in saving of freight.
  • Capacity to handle over 22 million MT per annum of POL products after Phase 2 expansion.
  • The location of the SPM will curtail the distance from the Middle Eastern Ports by 100 nautical miles per trip thus leading to further savings of freight.
  • Over 150 acres of sea front land forms part of the facility which can be used to construct additional storage of up to 1,000,000 MT of POL products.
  • The SPM will be in 26 meters of water depth, with an ability to handle vessels drawing upto 22 meters of draft.
  • Dedicated POL products handling, which will lead to significant time and cost savings for users.


Single Point Mooring (SPM)

The SPM is be based on Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (“CALM”) system – the type of mooring that is most commonly used around the globe. Compared to fixed mooring systems, CALMs can moor tankers at much higher environmental thresholds so that the mooring downtime is much less. These are secured to the seabed by anchor chains, or Catenary Anchor Legs. The catenary anchor legs permit the buoy to move freely within defined limits, while providing the restoring forces which tend to return the buoy to its theoretical central position, thereby giving the system requisite elasticity for maximum energy absorption. CALM type of mooring has proven performance record even in rough seas.

Cnergyico | Fostering Life Below Water

Cnergyico’s sustainability efforts to nurture the environment are not confined to the land. The subsea structure of the SPM has given rise to an artificial coral reef

Barracuda XI 2022

Cnergyico has participated and demonstrated its capabilities in Barracuda XI 2022 – the national level oil spill response (OSR) exercise.