TriGuard technology provides innovative solutions to encounter lubrication challenges. Find out how our TriGuard technology aspects can help to enhance your engines performance.

Less Evaporation

An outstanding feature that exceptionally maintains temperature and oxidation stability thereby oil consumption is effectively controlled in diesel engine vehicles.

Unbeatable Protection:    

Superior low wear rate assures outstanding engine protection in all terrain. Offers high level engine wear protection to valves, piston rings and cylinders in different engines under heavy load.

Increase Performance:                                    

The quality to control the oil consumption with excellent temperature stability alongside high resistance to oxidation that inhibits acid deposition allows engine to perform smoothly with maximum protection. The combination of Tri Guard technology ensures optimum fuel economy with reduced maintenance cost.

Cnergyico | Fostering Life Below Water

Cnergyico’s sustainability efforts to nurture the environment are not confined to the land. The subsea structure of the SPM has given rise to an artificial coral reef

Barracuda XI 2022

Cnergyico has participated and demonstrated its capabilities in Barracuda XI 2022 – the national level oil spill response (OSR) exercise.